Sugar Sweet Tables

 The “WOW” factor – Entertain your guests with a fun and memorable experience they won’t ever forget! We’ve built a reputation for creating “the most delicious displays” by offering premium desserts and confections with custom labeling to complement the atmosphere of your special events.


FREQUENT Q & A’s!photo 1

Q: Why have a sweet table at your special event?

A: Why not?! Our sweet tables give you the opportunity to provide a variety of options for your guests when it comes to dessert. You no longer have to offer just cake or one dessert item that you hope will make everyone happy. Our sweet tables are extremely unique and one-of-a-kind! Not only do we create the delicious sweet treats included in your table, we also incorporate your colors and theme so it matches your event!

Q: What types of desserts can I choose from for my sweet table?

A: We have various desserts such as cupcakes, cake truffle pops, cookies, bars, tartlets, chocolate dipped items and more! Visit our full/catering menu to see all of the options with pricing! Our menu is always evolving so please contact our dessert specialists to find out about our newest items or presentation options.

Q: What is included with my sweet table?

A: In order to give you a sweet table unique to your event, we offer all of our sweet table items a la carte. In addition to the desserts, you have the option of adding delivery, set-up, stand rental, tags, and tear down of your sweet table all for an additional charge.

Q: Several of my guests have special dietary requests. Are you able to accommodate them?

A: Yes! We can create the same gorgeous sweet tables with delicious, one-of-a-kind desserts that meet your dietary restrictions: kosher pareve, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, vegan… we have you covered!

Q: My family is making cookies for my wedding/event, can those be incorporated?

A: Of course! We have family favorites too! We will plate any outside cookies or desserts to include them in your sweet table for an additional charge.

Q: How much can I expect my sweet table to cost?

A: Because we offer everything uniquely to you a la carte style, a sweet table cost can range from $3 per person to $30 per person depending upon how many pieces of dessert, the type of dessert, and extras that you choose for your table! We recommend scheduling a consultation to speak to a dessert specialist so we can create a perfect sweet table for you!